Customer experience in third-party logistics” refers to the interactions and overall experience that customers have when using third-party logistics services for their last mile (or final mile) delivery needs. As 3PL providers, we play a critical role in the supply chain by managing transportation and delivery of goods on behalf of our clients. The final mile delivery (the last leg of the supply chain process) is a crucial touchpoint that can make or break online brands as well as the end customer experience.  

This article will explore the key elements that contribute to a positive customer experience in 3PL services for businesses and the end consumer. This includes the challenges that customers face, and how businesses can measure and improve their customer experience practices to drive growth and success in the industry. 

Fulfilment Services: The dos and don’ts of using a 3pl
Are you currently pondering partnering with a 3pl for your fulfilment services? Are you perhaps already aligned with a 3pl and want to make a change? Whatever the reason, or if you don’t know about 3pl services, this is the article for you. By the end, you will understand what third-party logistics provide for your online business and how you can avoid the common pitfalls of using inferior 3pl companies.You want to form a strong and productive relationship with your fulfilment services partner. They are an extension of your brand, so trust and reliance are critical. Let’s discuss the complete dos and don’ts of using a 3pl.